Slideshow Fundraiser Quiz Night for Marist Asia Foundation

Fundraiser Quiz Night for Marist Asia Foundation

Fundraiser Quiz Night for Marist Asia Foundation 

The Logos Project  is proud to be supporting Marist Asia Foundation (MAF) by sending over volunteers to teach English to Burmese migrant children in Ranong. We recently held a fundraiser quiz night to raise funds to support Tayla Fa’aofo who will be joining Laura McLellan in January 2019. We were also lucky enough to have Fr Frank Bird sm (Director of MAF) join us in opening the night through a moving presentation. We are so grateful to everyone who attended our fundraiser and who supported us through donations and prizes. Together we raised almost $6000.00 and raised awareness about the real lives of the migrant Burmese community in Ranong.


Tayla Fa’aofo 

New Zealand born Samoan, Tayla, has been part of the Marist community since she was a Year 7 student at Marist College. She was Head prefect in her final year of college and joined Logos as a Connector when she graduated high school and is a significant member of our community. She is currently in her final semester of studying a Bachelor of Education at the University of Auckland. Tayla has a passion for positively changing lives of children through education. 

“Laura’s experience so far gave me the nudge I needed to take the leap and volunteer teach next year in Ranong.,” Tayla said. “I have always wanted to do something like this. I know it’s going to be a culture shock, this is my first time living in a non English speaking country, but I’m excited by the opportunity.” 

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