“The impact Logos and the Connectors programme has had on me is a profoundly significant one. My interactions with Logos have helped me grow as an individual, from honing my leadership skills, refining my presentation and delivery skills, but most importantly it has grounded me as a person.” – Jeffrey Iese, 24, Connector  

Working alongside our staff and Board is a vibrant community of young adults youth work volunteers, called Connectors. Connectors, usually aged 18-24, are typically involved in tertiary education or work and dedicate some of their spare time to supporting the staff in the delivery of programmes and retreats. 

Connectors have generally come to know us through our work in their schools and apply to join Logos when they finish high school.
Connectors receive training and formation throughout the year in order to grow in their self-development and skills base. This training is put into practice through regular opportunities to support the team in programme delivery as well as opportunities to develop their own initiatives. Connectors are key team members when we deliver programmes including school retreats.

Thanks to the Skycity Auckland Community Trust which has supported the delivery of the Connectors programme since 2013.

If you’re interested in becoming a Connector contact us to have a chat.


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