Slideshow “Aroha mai, aroha atu” – February Diocesan Youth Mass 2019

“Aroha mai, aroha atu” – February Diocesan Youth Mass 2019



On the 24th February, we hosted the second Diocesan Youth Mass of the year alongside the student leaders who came on our annual Special Character Retreat. Aligning with the Gospel reading, the theme of the mass was “Aroha mai, aroha atu” which means “love received is love returned”.

The leadership retreat that we host every January, takes selected students from different schools within the Auckland and Hamilton diocese on a 3-day experience where they explore the theme: “Salt and Light”. In this mass, we blessed and commissioned our retreat participants as Salt and Light Leaders, who continue their journey of leadership and service in their schools this year.

We also celebrated the service of Fr Kevin Murphy sm who celebrates 20+ years of school chaplaincy. What a wonderful milestone! We thank you Fr Kevin, for your ongoing support, generosity and service in our schools and communities. Congratulations!

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