News Term 2 Wrap Up

Term 2 Wrap Up

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As we enter into the second half of the year and swiftly in to Term 3, we would love to share with you what we have been up to for the past term. Term 2 saw our team out on delivery every week, running 9 day and overnight retreats, interacting with students aged Y7 to Y13 from six schools within the Auckland and Hamilton diocese. Amongst our retreat delivery, members of our team have had weekly sessions with St Peter’s College and St Dominic’s Catholic College delving into a bunch of different themes. 

Our overnight retreat with our sisters of St Dominic’s took us to Willow Park Christian Centre. This was a brand new retreat with the theme: ‘Encounter’. The students explored the deeper meanings of this theme and what it means to have encounters with oneself, others and with God. We journeyed together over the 2-day retreat tackling different challenges, engaging in uplifting conversations and sharing personal stories and experiences that aligned with the retreat them and their school theme for the year: “Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire” (St Catherine of Siena). 

The team travelled down to Hamilton twice to deliver retreats to the Y10 and Y13 students at Sacred Heart Girls’ College. Our visit to the Y10 students saw the introduction of a newly revised retreat programme called “Rise Up”. This retreat focuses on social justice and where we see ourselves in the discussion, the resolution, and the collaboration in creating positive change. The theme of the Y13 retreat was: ‘Next Step’ and gave the students an opportunity to share with each other how their last year of high school has been so far and what they are looking at for the future, both the end of the school year and beyond. 

Across the term we ran many retreats within the junior departments of different schools. These included Liston College, Sancta Maria College, St Peter’s College, St Paul’s College and Marist College. We covered themes centred around identity, leadership, friendship and service. We look forward to working with more year levels from some of these schools in the next two terms!

Term 3 is looking as just as exciting with more retreats and programmes happening and new initiatives in the works for take-off! At the end of this term, The Logos Project will also be celebrating its 20th birthday, a very exciting milestone for our community. We look forward to looking back on the wonderful 20 years it has been and looking forward to the many more bright endeavours on the horizon.

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