Retreat Evaluations

Retreat Evaluations

We welcome all of your feedback because we value every opportunity that we receive to walk alongside young people in our work.

It is a priority for our team in our reflective practices to know how we can best continue to create a space for all in our youth development.

Click on the appropriate link below: 

Year 7 (Selfie) 

Year 8 (Friend in Me) 

Year 9 (Filters) 

Year 10 (Rise Up) 

Year 11 (#SelfieCheck) 

Year 12 (Lifting Others) 

Year 12 SHGC (Level Up)

Year 13 (Next Step) 


St Peter’s Special Character Year 7/8

St Peter’s Special Character Year 9/10


The Wellness Project Post-Test


Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts.