International Experience

The Marist family stretches far and wide across the world and we are fortunate to have made connections with other Marist groups in different countries. The Marist missionaries departed Lyons, France in 1836 on mission to Oceania and reached New Zealand shores in 1838. They navigated their way around different countries and sought to share the Gospel and Marist character with the people they met.

Since then, the Marists have established themselves in different places and advocated for a strong Marian presence in the church – this has united Marist churches, organisations and communities across the globe.

To date, The Logos Project have travelled near and far to different places connected to the Marist way, in countries in North, Central and South America, Europe, Asia and Oceania.

All of these international experiences have not only enabled many of our community members to travel internationally, but they have provided spaces for them to connect to the Marist journey, and in turn, add their own chapters to the story.