Conversations on Wellness

Check out our *Conversations on Wellness that feature wisdom from people in our community talking about their personal experiences with wellness. Each fortnight, we will release a new podcast that features a member of our community sharing their wellness experience.

Convo 1: Nia ‘Uhatafe

This conversation on wellness looks at the skills Nia has built during her transition from school into doing Youth Work, and how that process has felt. She talks about her Tongan culture, and the differences in how mental illness is treated in New Zealand and in Tonga.

Have a think about these questions while you have a listen!
– Who would you go to for help?
– How can you be a good listener?

Convo 2: Antonia Swann

This conversation on wellness borrows the wisdom of the Logos Projects Creative Communication Coordinator. She looks at her experiences as a leader within her school life, university life, and now in her job as a youth worker and communications extraordinaire. She gives us some insight into how she finds balance, and her understanding of ‘being your best self’.

Have a think about these questions while you have a listen!
– What does your best self look like?
– Where do you find a sense of belonging?


While members of the Logos Wellness Project have extensive training in wellbeing, we are not health professionals. Our online materials are for general education purposes, and should not be taken for a specialised perspective. We aim for all of the information on our online platforms to be accurate and up to date, but cannot guarantee this.

The nature of wellbeing is unique to every individual- the approaches suggested in our content may have positive or negative impacts.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, or are in any way unsafe, we recommend you reach out to the following organisations.

Youthline: 0800 376 633. Free text 234.
Lifeline: 0800 LIFELINE
Samaritans: 0800 726 666
Need To Talk?: Text 1737